February 3, 2020

Monday & Wednesday

Please note that Veterans, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement and Teachers, with the proper proof, are eligible for the discounts listed below. 

1 Payment Option: $550 due first night of class

2 Payments Plan Option: $425 due on your first night of class with a remaining $200 due 4 weeks later

Pay in full

and cost is

only $625!

Tuition includes all books

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12 weeks

This Real Estate Broker course meets all the requirements for one to obtain their real estate broker license. The course includes topics such as license law, property law, agency, environmental issues, contracts, Fair Housing, investments and taxes, and other topics as required. 

Tuition includes all required books and materials.


6:00pm - 10:00pm


2 Payments of only

$450 & $250

Pre-Licensing Broker Course

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