"IREI was a great experience. Can't wait to start the Broker Transition course. Thank you Brian!"

– Marissa S., -Salesperson course

"Could not ask for a better person than Brian to teach the class. He knows the subject matter and makes it very interesting. (Keeps you interested.) Very caring person, he does whatever it takes to make sure you reach your goal. Keeps it on a personal level for all in the class. Thank you."

– Mark K., -​Salesperson course

"Great time. Loved all of the 'real life' discussion. Learned much. Brian is a pleasure to learn from." – Jonathan R., Broker Transition course

"Kept my interest. Best CE class I've ever had. Thanks."

– Gary T., Broker Transition course

"I highly recommend this course, Brian is a thorough teacher. I learned a lot and was comfortable. I will refer others to this class. Thank you."

– Lisa D., Continuing Education course


– Todd P.,​ Broker Transition course

"Brian relayed real life experiences with his teachings as well as memory tips which made retaining the information much easier."

– Rachel F., Salesperson course

"I enjoyed the class. Very informative and fun."

– Pam M., Salesperson course

"Brian was great at giving real life examples of subjects and relating it to the course material. Also kept us interested and involved with questions and great guy! Thanks for all your help! " 

– Sheila B., Salesperson course

"Excellent instructor! Engages class participation and encourages the application of material to real life scenarios. Very knowledgeable and a fantastic facilitator."

– Rhonda H., Broker Transition course

"Brian is an excellent teacher, goes above and beyond. Thanks!"

– Harriot L., Salesperson course


With over 25 years of experience encompassing appraisal, real estate investment, construction, and brokerage, Brian Lee took over ownership and operations of IREI after the untimely passing of the previous owner, Dan Miller.  Dan strove to create a high quality education source that would serve the Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan real estate community.  In 2005, Brian Lee partnered with Dan to expand the school’s offerings and has maintained that high standard of education that continues on through today.

With its beginning in 1992, IREI remains as the longest running, real estate education facility on the south side of Indianapolis, serving the needs of the central Indiana real estate community.  However, our reputation has gained momentum and we have students travel from all over the State and even from other parts of the country.  

Our history is rooted in quality, knowledge and love of our profession.  We truly care about our students, their success, and the reputation of the real estate community.

Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI) prides itself on not only preparing students to pass the state exam, but to also help them build the best foundation possible to start and expand their real estate career.  We are educators, but we are also practicing real estate agents with many years of experience.  We use that experience to explain real life scenarios that help our students grow their knowledge and excel in this industry.  Don’t take our word for it, read the actual comments below from previous students.

We offer job placement services, and help all of our students find the best fit for their real estate needs.  Nothing makes us happier than to see our students complete our classes and go on to become well respected, highly intelligent, real estate professionals.

Our school director, Brian Lee, has been in the real estate industry since 1995 and brings in real world examples to help his students learn all about being a successful, legendary real estate agent. You can also hear Brian on his podcast, Real Estate Between the Lines, by clicking on this button:

"I was a student as English as my second language, but the way Brian taught me, I am able to make it! So appreciated for this."

– Piyush P., - Broker Licensing course

"Brian is great! Always kept class interesting after a long day at the office."

– Josh G., -Broker Licensing course

"It was more fun than I anticipated and Brian's teaching environment and style made it something to look forward to."

– Evan B., - ​Broker Licensing course

"Excellent instruction! As an educator myself, I know good teaching practices. Brian has the ability to teach the material as well as any seasoned educator."

– Devin K., -Broker Licensing course

"I was dreading 4 hours a night 2 times each week but I was pleasantly surprised at how you held our attention and made it entertaining. Thanks!"

– Cheryl R., ​Salesperson course

"Appreciate Brian's willingness to share his knowledge in the real estate industry."

– Kevin K., Salesperson course

"#brianisawesome. I learned a ton in a very short time!" – Gina W., Broker course

"I learned a lot and feel very prepared for the state exam!"

– Brock W., Salesperson course

"Very GOOD overall instruction and training.

Highly recommend."

– Nedra H., Salesperson course

"Great class - made learning fun."

– Clint H., Broker Transition course

"Amazing teacher, material and course.  I wish school was this much fun for me in the past!"

– Cameron K., Broker Licensing Course

"Brian is a great instructor. He takes time to answer questions and gives scenarios to help you understand. Easy to relate to. Thanks a million. Great pleasure to be in his class."

– Teresa H., Broker Transition course

"I enjoyed the class and learned alot.  I like how Brian shared his experiences with us and gave us direct answers.  It's really helpful that Brian has experience in the industry from several different sides."

– Michelle S., ​Broker Licensing Course

"I Enjoyed coming to class every day! Brian made Real Estate more interesting as well as entertaining!"

– Hope T., Broker Licensing Course

"Brian's knowledge of real estate made it very easy to understand.  He quickly established a rapport with the class, and made me feel like I can do this."

– Paula M., Broker Licensing Course

"Brian is a wonderful instructor. A++"

– Charla C.,- ​Broker Licensing course

Indiana Real Estate Institute

2536 E. STOP 11 ROAD



Very well taught class. Very excited for the guture of real estate with instructors like Brian!

– Jacob R., -​Broker Licensing course

"Excellent, excellent, excellent! All of Brian's creative analogies helped me retain the information. This class is superior."

– Wendy G., Broker Licensing Course

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"Instructor clearly knows what he's doing! Very knowledgeable and supportive. Would recommend the course to everyone!"

– Veronica K.,Broker Licensing course


– Clint F., Broker Licensing Course

"I think anyone buying a house should attend this class, even if they don't want to be a broker."

– Doug P., - ​Broker Licensing Course

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Thank you to those who serve, educate and protect!

Brian Lee

Indiana Real Estate Institute Owner/Instructor

"I passed the state exam on the first try.  It was very difficult, but your class prepared me for it.  I am confident I would not have been ready without your course.  I thoroughly enjoyed your class and sense of humor.  Thanks!"

– Adam H., Broker Licensing Course

"It is very hard to keep my attention but Brian made it interesting and is a fantastic instructor!" – Christine L., Broker Licensing Course

"Brian was very energetic! He made the less interesting parts exciting, and he was always happy to explain things in depth. He is a great mentor."

– Daniel M., Broker Licensing Course

"I wanted to thank you so much for giving me that extra nudge to finish this class. I appreciate that you didn't just say "Well, better luck next time." You said "I'll see you in the next class!"  It's so much easier to quit than it is to keep going and I was so ready to quit...a few times. You're a great teacher.  Keep up the good work!",

– Jackie L., Broker Licensing Course